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16 TENNIS COURTS Coronado Tennis Center has ten clay courts (four lighted) and three hard courts. Over 400 tennis players, levels 3.5-4.5, utilize the courts on a regular basis. The opportunities for play are numerous. Coronado Tennis Center offers organized leagues at all levels for men and women who like to have a definite time for play each week. These include men's, women's, and mixed doubles leagues. In addition, for those who prefer to plan just a week at a time, there are weekly 'scrambles' for men and women. Many USA teams call Coronado Tennis Center home. In 2001, over 20 teams (men's, women's, adult, senior, super senior, levels 2.5-4.5, as well as combo and mixed combo teams) are playing for Hot Springs Village. Over the years, seven teams have made it to the Nationals; none of these finished lower than fourth. One team, the men's 3.5 senior team, were National Champions in 1995. For 15 years, the Hot Springs Village Tennis Association has had a yearly exhange with its sister village, Bella Vista. As many as 120 people have gone to Bella Vista for a weekend of tennis and social fun. The HSV Tennis Association's competition committee runs five to seven social tennis playing programs per year. A person new to the Village can come and play five times a week, right away, in organized play. There is a level for everyone. One player didn't begin playing tennis until the age of 79. Now in his 80's, he continues to play four times a week. The professional staff at Coronado Tennis Center will be more than happy to assist you. To request a FREE Tennis Brochure CLICK on CONTACT US below.